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Viber for iPad

"Viber has been developed to be used on any operating system, and one of them is Viber for iPad. "

Viber is an application that allows us to make VoIP calls and send messages free of charge to other users of this App.

With Viber for iPad can make calls with brilliant sound quality and has a lot more volume than an iPhone.

Download Viber for iPad is free and easy. We we provide a tutorial to download Viber on a iPad as quickly as possible.

Viber for iPad - Installation Tutorial

In order to download Viber for iPad we have to have an iPad with internet access via Wi-Fi or 3G.

First we have to download the app Viber from the Apple Store.

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When you open the application, asks us activate notifications. We search Viber and activated the sound, alerts and balloons.

Once installation is complete, Viber check our mobile phone. We write down our phone number and click "Continue". Viber iPad opens a window and click on the "Approve" to allow Viber send us a SMS code of four digits.

We insert this code into our iPad and press the "Enter Viber". Viber iPad application is already fully operational.

From now on we can call our contacts that have installed Viber App. We can directly call a phone number using keypad or directly call a contact via Contacts. We can also add favorite numbers or see the calls made or missed calls in Recents.

No need to create a user account and send invitations to communicate with our contacts as Viber automatically detects contacts who have installed this application.

However there is a problem. We can only have active Viber on an iPad or an iPhone, but not on both devices at once.

Viber for ipad screen and terminal 

Viber Features

  • Free calls with HD sound

  • Groups of up to 40 participants

  • Ability to send stickers and emoticons for messages are more fun

  • Share locations

  • The insertion of notifications ensures that never miss a call or message, even when Viber is disconnected

  • Ability to send videos and pictures quickly in a few steps

  • It is a free application and doesn't not have any advertising

  • Available in 30 languages, among which are: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic, Portuguese, Danish, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Polish, Dutch,...

Version 3.0

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The new version 3.0 was updated on May 7, 2013 and occupies 23.9 MG. For proper operation requires iOS 4.3 or later. This version is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and optimized for iPhone 5. Presents significant developments with respect to the previous version.

  • Desktop version compatible with Windows and Mac So we can manage our contacts from the PC and mobile, and transfer any call from your iPhone or iPad to your computer.

  • Ability to send video messages with messages to friends.

  • Next to the name of the contacts, appears a icon indicating whether these are connected. However, we can send messages are connected or not.

  • The quality of voice calls over Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE has been improved. Now there are fewer cuts in voice when there is low coverage or line is not good.

  • The appearance of a banner that indicates when new messages we received.

  • Automatically download new photos to make them look faster.

  • You can easily navigate between photos that other users or groups send us.

  • Displays on the screen of messages the groups to which we belong, and we can easily and quickly find the group we want.

  • The contact information display is more aesthetic.

  • Has a new set of fun stickers.

This version of Viber for iPad can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store. However, it has subsequently gone version 4.0 and more recently version 5.0 that have improved their roles and delivery.

Version 4.0 Viber for iPad

Viber version 4.0 introduces significant changes from the previous version 3.0.

To download this version of Viber for iPad and Viber for iPhone it requires iOS 5.0 or later.

The main features of this version are:

  • Includes voice messages push-to-talk that sends instantly when you release the button. With this system Viber shortens the time between voice messages because that compresses recording, sending and reproduction.

  • Viber Out, new credit systems to call mobile phones that haven’t installed Viber application and landlines at low prices.

  • An updated stickers shop with over 1000 packages for sending funny messages. This Market Tags lets to Viber make a profit by putting their creations for sale, but some tags are free. To access the store click on the "More" button on the bottom bar to the right and then click on "Market Tags".

  • Desktop background customized for each conversation that you can select in the gallery of backgrounds.